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The things I'd do if I owned CSI...
Author’s Note:
This is my entry to the Valentine's Day Smut-a-thon over at Geekfiction

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Sara reached into the box and pulled out the top sheet from the stack of papers inside, staring at it in astonished joy. Carefully setting it aside, she picked out a few more, confirming the delightful conclusion she had reached.

Holding up one of the carefully bagged documents, she twisted to look at the man behind her. As of yet oblivious to her discovery, Grissom sat peacefully on the other side of the room, methodically packing books into a box much larger than the one she had in front of her.

“Gil?” Her soft utterance of his name was infused with affection. Hearing it, Grissom span to face her, a bashful smile appearing on his face when he recognised the item in her hand. Sara could tell he was struggling for words when he scrubbed a palm down his cheek in a familiar gesture.

“You printed them all out?” His blush deepening, Grissom nodded. “And preserved them in plastic?” He nodded again, his eyes searching her face to gauge her reaction.

“Uh, yeah. Is that… disturbing for you?” he asked uncertainly.

Dropping the plastic-wrapped email printout back into the box, Sara crawled across the floor, where in lieu of a verbal response, she took his face into her hands and sealed her lips to his in a loving kiss. Pulling back, she whispered in a voice thick with emotion. “Are you kidding? It’s sweet, and dear, and so hot that you wouldn’t even believe.” With that, and as if to prove her words, she dropped her head again to sear a burning kiss into his lips, tangling her fingers in the soft curls at the nape of his neck. When she deepened the kiss, she felt his fingers slip under the soft cotton of her dark tank to caress the skin of her lower back. The slight roughness of his fingertips exhilarated her sensitive skin, and she quivered involuntarily. Eager for more skin-to-skin contact, she started unbuttoning his shirt. He released a pleasured groan into her mouth when her fingers tickled his chest as she rid him of the garment.

Pulling back to draw in an unsteady breath, Grissom reciprocated, pulling Sara’s top over her head. His eyes darkened to a brilliant shade of midnight blue when he discovered that she was not wearing a bra beneath it.

Crushing their naked chests together, Grissom wrapped his arms tightly around her back, capturing her mouth in an ardent kiss. Sara trembled at the intense sensation of the contact, her nipples tightening as Grissom’s tongue explored the deepest recesses of her mouth.

Sensuously, Sara explored the warm skin of Grissom’s back, while he cupped her ass to pull her onto his lap. Overwhelmed by the erotic sensations rocketing through his body, Grissom broke away to nibble his way down Sara’s neck, eliciting a throaty moan from Sara. Her breathy cries increased as he trailed kisses across the top of her heaving breasts.

“Gil…” Sara pleaded breathlessly, throwing her head back and tangling her fingers in his hair. Acquiescing to her desperate entreaty, Grissom ducked his head to take a hardened nipple into his mouth.

Sara was lost to the pleasure as Grissom teased the aching bud with his teeth and lips. Rationality had long since fled, and the only thought left in Sara’s pleasure-soaked brain was that she never wanted him to stop. Smoothing her palms over his bare shoulders, she wriggled on his lap, grinding her hips into his denim-covered arousal. His answering moan, smothered against her breast, sent a bolt of bliss straight to her core. Another slight wiggle brought similar results, and Sara couldn’t help but moan his name out loud.

Suddenly aware of their position on the floor, Sara recalled the aftermath of their last encounter on the carpet. Reluctantly drawing back, she pulled Grissom to his feet, dragging his mouth back to hers for a sloppy kiss.

Meeting Grissom’s eyes, she caught a hint of confusion swirling in their depths.

“My butt is still tender from the last time…” she explained softly, glancing back at the carpet. Grissom nodded faintly as he realised her meaning, before resuming the lustful lip lock.

Sara’s whole body pulsed with pleasure when he slid his hands beneath the waistband of her jeans to pull her gently against him. Exactly where she wanted to be, Sara rubbed sensually against the hard ridge straining his fly.

Grissom’s brain was overloaded with sensation. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest, her nimble fingers tracing light patters over his back, and the sweet heat of her centre seeping through both their jeans.

“Dammit, Bugman, we’ve got on too many clothes,” Sara grumbled, her hands sliding around his belly to work at the button of his jeans.

“I believe I could help you remedy that,” Grissom grinned, his own fingers making short work of her fly.

Mutually relieved of the frustrating denim, they gravitated towards the bed, limbs entwined and lips entrenched in a passionate kiss. When the backs of Sara’s knees hit the edge of the mattress, Grissom reached behind her to sweep the pile of empty packing boxes from it.

As they toppled onto the sheets, Sara twisted them so she landed on top, savouring the delicious friction as her centre swept against his boxer-clad erection. Kissing him hungrily, she rolled her hips against his, gratified by the deep moan that vibrated through his entire body. Returning the exquisite torment that he had exacted upon her, she lightly bit down on the junction between his neck and shoulder, bringing her hands up to tweak his nipples. In retaliation, Grissom stroked a hand across her ass to toy with the damp lace of her panties.

Crying out her pleasure as Grissom’s fingers brushed against her passage, Sara allowed him to flip them over. Desperate for more, she tugged at his boxers, lifting her hips to let him slide her underwear off at the same time.

Finally rid of the last vestiges of their clothing, their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. Grissom swore out loud when Sara’s soft hands encircled his straining arousal; Sara shuddered and screamed when Grissom flicked a finger over her swollen clit.

“Griss… Gil… now… please…” Sara panted, tugging on his cock, guiding him to her slick entrance. Locking their gazes, he slowly thrust into her, the obvious bliss flashing in her eyes enhancing his own. Without breaking eye contact, he dropped his mouth to hers and pulled back to thrust again.

Gradually, the pace quickened, her hips rising insistently to meet his every thrust, and their kisses becoming sloppy as they called out their pleasure.

Feeling the first stirrings of release flood through him, Grissom reached a hand between them to caress her sensitive nub in time with their movements. Barely moments later, Sara arched beneath him, her passage contracting around him, and her guttural cry of completion reverberating around them. Calling out her name, Grissom let himself spiral out of control after her.

When they finally came back to Earth, he rolled off her, snuggling her into his side with a sated hum. With a sigh of satisfaction, Sara whispered his name.

“Gil… when we pack up my apartment… remind me to show you my box…”


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