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Chapter 13 of Always Will Be (Roswell)

My CSI Fanfic

Short story in response to Unbound Improv challenge.
Rated: Teen

Une Aventure Aqueuse
Short story in response to Unbound Improv challenge. Sequel to Cauchemar.
Rated: Teen

Would You Like Fries With That?
Short (but slightly longer than the above) story in response to a challenge set by my best friend.
Rated: Teen

Fic written in conjunction with my friend piper05. Every action has a consequence...
Rated: Mature

Written for the Geekfiction Valentine's Day 2007 Smut-a-thon
Rated: Adult

Written for the Geekfiction Summer Reading Ficathon 2007. Spoilers for Living Doll.
Rated: PG

The Moments Series

Fluffy ficlet, Sara's POV. Sara thinks back on her relationship with Grissom.
Rated: General

Finding My Voice
Companion piece to Stutters. Grissom's POV
Rated: Teen

Memorable Moments
Sequel to Stutters and Finding My Voice. Grissom/Sara POV
Rated: Teen

Assorted drabbles.

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